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Reston Aesthetics' Academy

Dermal Science International Aesthetics' & Nail Academy

The Dermal Science International Aesthetics & Nail Academy is a certified, exclusive esthetician school in Reston, Virginia that serves Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington D.C areas. Attending DSI Academy is a proven and direct way for aspiring estheticians to master their craft as quickly as possible by providing proper training and helping them build an extensive skill set. They offer the following programs:

To learn more about their Reston Aesthetics' Academy, please dial (703) 910-2323 today!

Training and Benefits of DSI Academy

In order to get ahead in the world of aesthetics, DSI Academy students have a wide variety of courses to choose from. Each skill mastered can help students gain a varied skill set, or allow students specialize in a certain field and master one aesthetic area. All classes are held in classrooms or DSI Academy facilities so students can receive an authentic, hands-on education. There are no online classes offered. DSI Academy offers training courses in the following areas:

  • body scrubs
  • chemical peels
  • laser hair treatment
  • reflexology
  • skin rejuvenation
  • waxing

Happiness Fosters Learning Aspiring estheticians can try to gain knowledge in the field, but DSI Academy offers the ability to master specialties or learn a variety of skills. Other benefits that a DSI Academy education provides include:

  • Job security, as individuals always need to hire professionals with these skills
  • The ability to travel and work from wherever you settle in the world
  • Creative fulfillment, there is room for artistic and creative expression
  • The promise of an exciting, fun and high-spirited work environment
  • Access to like-minded others who share your love of aesthetics

Call DSI Academy today! Aspiring estheticians who would like to make their dreams a reality can contact DSI Academy at (703) 910-2323 for more information. Pursue your education in aesthetics today! Students currently have a 100% pass rate for the state board esthetic licensing programs regulated by the Virginia State Board of Cosmetology.

Dermal Science International Aesthetic’s & Nail Academy
Dermal Science International Aesthetic’s & Nail Academy
Located at
11301 Sunset Hills Rd Suite A-5
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: (703) 910-2323